Fix the stingy decay timers

No, we don’t. All we need is a handful of clans to build a bunch of big bases that do not break any rules and then just log in for a couple of minutes a week to refresh their stuff.

Seriously, I’ve seen servers where you can’t swing a cat without hitting someone’s theme park and more than half of those were by people who you could never catch online because they were serial refreshers. Not only that, I used to be one of those people. :confused:

I would love to know where you got that information. This is the first time I’ve seen that claim.

I have been refreshing almost daily, although I mostly play twice a week. There’s always the possibility not having access for one reason or another.


Good point. And from what @Halk has brought up, I’m starting to be less sanguine about its application.

I now agree 8 days is better, after hearing from people here and from polling the players on my server. 168 hours is often just a tiny bit too short.


I haven’t played on officials since before the decay timer was a thing. So I’m not sure what’s involved in refreshing it. Can’t you just log on for a minute? That doesn’t seem like such a big deal to do once a week, even a busy week irl. If it takes more than just logging on for a minute, then that’s a different story.

It depends. If you have only one base and you log out inside it, then yeah, it’s just a minute. If you have several builds – maybe you’re the owner of public map rooms or maybe you have an outpost near an NPC camp to make it easier to catch thralls – then you have to refresh them separately, which involves travel.

Unless, of course, you abuse the way building code works to make the game think that two separate builds are really just part of the same build.


It has not changed. I do not really play anymore, but I refresh, and the same gigantic spam builds are there.

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Wish the regular timer was 8 days. Then you could refresh weekly on the same schedule and track it easier.

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So much for overbuilding “almost” not being a problem anymore. I rest my freaking case.


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Yes but only if you have 1 base (on 1 server) on a server and have no life.

But if you have more you have to run around the map to.

But the big problem whay not is IRL, to be able to do other things in the week and be able to take a vakation longer then 5 dayes at the time.

And as @WeWantImprovements say …

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