Fix the Thralls and Pets not staying where you place them

There’s more than a few major issues with your pets update… But I’m seriously getting sick and tired of my thralls and pets not being where I tell them to stay or place them. This happens constantly to me and everyone I play with. You place the thrall/pet or tell them to stop following and then they aren’t there. A lot of times they’re at some other spot you placed them hours ago or even a day ago. I just had it happen and it’s not at the last 4 places I told it to stop and it’s not at my base. Hours of work just gone.

I’m sure this is being put in the next big patch, because there’s no way you don’t know about it. But how about getting it fixed NOW and pushing it out? That way I don’t keep wasting hours of my time leveling and giving them good gear just to have it vanish because of a broken bug that should have been caught in the testing before it launched. There’s certain bugs that need fixed ASAP before you worry about patching in other features for the followers that should have been part of it day one.

So damn frustrating when you pay for the game and all the DLC just to have it constantly have issues because new content wasn’t properly tested and patched before launch.

Stop following means they are in scouting and they will return to the last guarding position. Make sure you set them to guard if you want them to be at that place next time you log in. Works for me. There is also a tracking option now.


…I’m not even going to try and point out all the flaws with this. Just, no.


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