FIX these before you release new patch!

  • Pictish foot dancer footwear - same crafting price (Epic) for both normal and epic versions.
  • The entire Ophidian magi set crafting price for normal and epic versions are swapped. Means you craft epic out of Light pagging and some hide. Not good.
  • Add more dye options for Archeronian illusionist set. Those bright colorful ribbons are insufferable. Also make Pictish foot dancer set dyable. Leaves can stay green, but the rest should be able to be changed.
  • Invisibility spell is not invisible enough. People constantly notice you, even from afar.
  • Please, for the love of Zath, make the explosion from the final corrupted strength perk never trigger when a truncheon (all versions), blunted javeline or Love tap are equipped. That thing kills named thralls faster than you can knock them out. And don’t even let me mention Zath named priests, who only have by 120 hp.
  • Delete the ability to crush people to death while overencumbered. Now that getting both Momentum and double jump is easy, many losers abuse this in PvP by simply double jumping onto people. In a game with full loot PvP there is no place for 1-shot cheesy mechanics such as this.
  • Large palisades don’t cause any bleed.

I agree with the above… and 'd be happy if they’d just fix horse mounting…


Is it still borked in TestLive? :angry:


Ask me if I’m surprised.


I assumed it would be in the notes if fixed?
I would love a confirmation on whether or not I need to keep tapping the keyboard like a crazy person when trying to ride.

( tap tap tap taptaptaptap - mount horse and inadvertently open horse inventory due to over tapping)


Update! Added 2 more points

I would like thralls to be able to walk through doorways and pathfind their way up stairs. as it is now, they stand at the bottom trying to attack someone up top of a structure that has stairs going up.

but, as with most bugs in this game, they eventually become features :frowning:

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  • Are horses separated from thralls when ordered to attack? Because if not, I would add this one to your list too.
  • Plus knocked out unbound thralls go underground when looking away for 0.0001 seconds.


OMG PLEASE!! It happens every time you try to get on a horse.
FIX IT A.S.A.P.!..

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Can test in a bit if you havent got told already. :slight_smile:


If anyone posted a definitive answer, I missed it :slight_smile:

I uninstalled TestLive, though, so I can’t go check without downloading and installing it again, and I kinda like having that space on my hard drive :wink:

If you have time to check and remember to do it and don’t mind posting an answer, I would be both interested and grateful.

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