Fix this fukking game ... 12 log in freezes !?

HOW MANY fuKking times do i have to log in and have the game freeze on me. Its been about an hour trying to get in and the game and my PS keeps crashing. This is not what the FUKK I PAID FOR. PLEASE FIX THIS FUKKING BULL SHIET

AND NOW MY WHOLE PLAYSTATION IS BUGGED… friends list wont load… internet crashed on game crash… this is really starting to piss me off. Its about time to start publicly hating this game and warning people not to buy this piece of dung until something is fixed. How long do we have to deal with this crap…

and now another crash and another crash… if youre gunna charge people full price for a fukking game make sure that piece of shiet is at least fukking playable… FUKK YOU GUYS

Tell us how you REALLY feel.

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