Fix thralls and I'm not buying anything until you do

Come on, I left the game because thralls/getting thralls was a dumpster fire and now … that same! But we have new stuff to build!

Started over and went into Sinner’s Refuge. My thrall knocked out a named carpenter and then a archer I - of course I could find the archer I, but the named carpenter disappeared. Then went around the corner and my thrall stood there in the hall. Just stood there no matter what I ordered it to do.

I wish this was a unique thing but disappearing unconscious thralls seems to be quite common.

Funcom, try fixing things before bringing out $20 playgrounds for more thralls to disappear in.

And yes, I did wait and go back.

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If you relog, your knocked thrall will appear where you saw it last. This issue is important but not critical. Will probably be fixed when they make Conan Exiles 2.

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Not entirely true. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Sometimes only by moving away from the area and coming back works aswell.

Either way, if you play on the NEW map you are pretty much dealing with a critical bug which can make you loose hours and hours of gathering Materials.

Core mechanic/Feature which has months/years(i encountered this bug back in Early Access Exiled Lands) behind it without being fixed. We just got used to it, so why should the devs even bother to fix it.
Play on Siptah @GodlyVoice and say again this issue ain’t critical…

You don’t have to buy anything from me.

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