Fix undermapped glitching!

Ark was a great game till the developers said, we’re done do to hackers.

Conan is done, thanks to cheaters building bases under the map. All games are broken, there hasn’t been 1 game on the planet you couldn’t glitch through, , under or above. PvP is a joke with cheaters.

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Keep reporting locations, so Staff can keep closing them off. =3

Post Pictures :slight_smile: Conan can help sure …

Maybe the devs should borrow yet another Ark idea. Create a line of sight “gun turret” admin only placeable object that can be placed anywhere under the map. If a character or object is detected in range of it under the map or in meshed spots it insta kills/destroys and records the player or clan in a log file somewhere.

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Would mean extra work for a coder who probably won’t get payed. Harrumph.

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