Fix you descriptions… I want a refund…

How the hell are you going to put a description on the black magic starter kit acting like it’s a working bench then go and find out that it’s just freaking declaration this is absolutely absurd! Stop scamming people you’re supposed to be a big trust worth company really shows how you only care about your money and now how the game is actually working because if you did you would have already fixed 90% of the bugs but no you wasted everyone time and money thanks… also want to point out that I reached out for a refund and y’all just shrugged me off to the side you should be attending to the players needs instead of fixing little things you can fix the the big thing. Just sad…

Hello there @Jmaster2431!

Thank you for your post, regarding purchases I would ask you to please submit a ticket and select “In-game purchases” from the drop-down list, this way we will be able to better assist you.

We truly appreciate your time and feedback on this matter.

I also bought that kit thinking it was a crafting kit :joy: and agree the description could have been better worded. I do like the decorations though but was initially miffed they weren’t the crafting stations.

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