Fix your new patch please

First off thanks for trying to add to the game and fix some things…but you broke stuff along the way.
First of the new jump animations totally gimp agility builds. Our jump height and distance is way less than before. No point in spending 50 points for that kind of proformance.

Second you fixed bows but did not follow through with promises of reusable arrows.

Katana is SO bad almost useless please ad a stagger to first strike to make it work like other weapons.

Snake arrows are now garbage I can kill fast with iron arrows.

I think some hot fixes are in order on the double.

When did they say there were going to be reusable arrows?

Mh, I dont really understand the point of agilitybuilds though. … Other than raiding or having one tier better dodges.
Other than that I think the jump animations look cool, but they surely felt faster on testlive when I first tested them - they at least now feel really slow. But I really dont know how that would be needed to be changed. Falling animation should eat up 90% of a jump imo, it feels like 30-40% now.

Mh I only read about throwing axes being stackable now though. But I think I read something about some more distant change (or was it wishes/demands?) in some future.

Many people seem to like the katana, I for myself liked it on testlive to “bodypull” (=wiggle my butt and have the thralls come at me) and do a decent first amount of damage to them. (Black hand thralls lost like 60% on a fully charged iron katana swing. I didnt like how one was stuck in one direction though.

Snake arrows are fine to kill high HP targets. They have been used to do that before too, as I noob-calculated in some other topic/thread/whatever you call these things direct having been nerfed off means a 3% nerf for endgame gear. (Basically no nerf. They just arent decent enough to kill low HP things anymore.)

Hot fixes?
I experienced no corruption at obelisks at some time, but I think that might have been an error on the clientside which caused the UI not working properly. Later it worked just fine.

Honestly I don’t agree with anything you said besides the new animations are horrible. I lag now

I may have heard incorrectly about retrieving arrow in the dev stream but the other issues need attention.

If you think Katana is good then take a starmetal katana up north and fight NPC’s that have better AI and see how you fair.

The agility build was amazing with the double jump and now it is garbage due to these sloppy animations for jumping. The play style I enjoyed is now severely handicapped.

How far north? Forgotten Tribe, Votarie, and Frost Giants are still easy with it.

Course they’re easy naked (outside archers) with a stone spear too. Gotta bump damage to 1.3 for NPCs to make things interesting. Still isn’t very hard though.

I was under the impression that above ironhead arrows were suppose to be infinite again on archer thralls. Secondly the Katana, which is a beautiful show of craftsmanship remains a lesser weapon between power blow and speed. I tested three times at Frost Temple and then with a greatsword of equal mats… greatsword was quicker, more reliable and came out with less disability loss.

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