(FIXED) RESHADE and AGE OF CONAN DX10 + my sexy ReShade preset :)

(edit: latests) reshade does not work with aoc… dx10… (or 1/20…)

edit: delete or backup “d3dx10_36.dll” so reshade uses dxgi.dll.

the patcher does not use it !

ok ? thx bye :slight_smile:

edit :here is my ‘sexy’ reshade, tweaked 1 hour, 50 minutes, its soften AOC ^^



Reshade works fine with Age of Conan DX10. Of this I can assure you… :roll_eyes:

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worked fine , but updated reshade, works fine now here :))))))

posted my “reShadePreset.ini” , look 1st post, it’s my shared AOC folder, so there r some UI too,