FIXED: Reward Days from membership not updating

I recently added 1 year worth of game-time to my account. Everything seems to look fine on the site (I have membership until 2020) and ingame it looks fine too, but I did not get my reward days updated by 360 (?) days. Part of the reason I added one year is all the rewards I would unlock now, but this did not happen sadly. Making an ingame petition did not solve the issue and I heard mail response is taking long, so I try my luck here getting this issue resolved.

I’d advise you start an out of game email petition… and just wait. The stock standard reply is they can’t help you with account issues on the forums and these days … it seems they can’t even be bothered to read these forums to make that unhelpful reply … this bitter comment is based on reading several other people forum posts asking for Funcom attention to their issues and not even being replied to.

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I’d like to update this post: The reward days are added now, this took 2-3 days from when my account was updated with the new membership. I guess it either took a bit longer than normal or some secret Funcom operative fixed it! Either way, it’s sorted.

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