[Fixer] Where to get special ammo?

With the satellite dish hill being remodelled, apparently the fixer shop terminal was also moved.
Can anyone tell me where? I’m running out of permorpha bullets and they don’t seem to be in the regular ammo shops.

Yes, people have told me about the Summon Special Ammo nano, but that seems to be broken/bugged in its current state. According to Auno the summoned ammo is supposed to scale in QL with your Burst skill, but I have 290 Burst and it keeps giving me bullet packs that require 460.

It restocks based on your Burst skill, it will give the highest QL of a range based on what range you’re in. If you’re on the lower end obviously you’re screwed.

Just get someone with a lower burst skill to spawn it.

That’s why I said it seems bugged at the moment… even if I remove my Burst buffs to get to the next lower tier in the nano, the resulting bullets are too high for me to use when fully buffed. I have to rip my imps out and cast a Burst debuff on myself to get down two tiers in the scaling ladder to get bullets that I can actually use.
The QLs in the spawn tiers don’t correlate even closely to the burst skill requirements… the area burst bullets are significantly below actual skill (since they range from only 0-500 burst req over their QL 0-200 range), the homing permorpha are significantly above the actual skill (as they range from 0-2250 burst req).
Asking someone else to spawn bullets for me would be a solution, if the stupid nano didn’t have 30sec cooldown after each cast… it would be highly intrusive to ask someone to sit around idly for ten minutes just so I can get a stack of bullets that used to be buyable in a shop before…