Fixes and suggestions for a better game experience

The weather system would be better if temperature differed at night, requiring better clothing, fire or shelter.

NPCs in villages are vanishing and returning at weird intervals. Would be good if NPCs acted with better AI. Example, if you shoot someone with an arrow, I would not stand there getting hit by multiple arrows until I died. Make them give chase or search for a decent amount of time before returning to their post.

Hair and body physics need fixing, body parts move correctly on load, but stiffen after a couple of minutes. And why would hair blue around in a sandstorm if you are in a building with no windows?

Water consumption in cold environments is to high while food should be higher in cold temperatures.

Not all NPC groups should be so aggressive to the player if in same racial/religious group unless provoked. Act realistically, if a lone NPC was outmatched why would they start a fight they would lose?

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