Fixing the healing system

Recent changes to the healing system have not been received well by a lot of players in the community. Some of the complaints are:

  1. More dependency on thralls
  2. More dependency on materials from specific types of biome’s
  3. Cooking recipe’s have become worthless

When I think about ways to fix it I would suggest:

  1. A MUCH better healing from food or “sated”
  2. Give the north an aloe equivalent of healing herbs like “echinacea” or “chamomile”
  3. With the extra demand for plant fiber in early levels: an iron sickle

Never got the idea behind not having an iron sickle. Is having a higher gathering speed of plants that much gamebreaking? lol.


Doesn’t do much if you still have “pls kill me” wraps animation.
Think food is okay right now and doesn’t need any buffs.
Main healing comes from aloe pots of different tier with short animation…Tho i’d love to have shorter windown after use of animation when you can’t simply take out anything but animation is already finished.
Some aloe or aloe like spawns at North of Exiled lands sounds nice actually.
Cooking recipes are legacy items…well most of them. You still get some additional buffs from some food, like stam regen from herbal tea or water breating fro Jhebbal Sag feast.
What we really need is ability to cancel or move during use of wraps or “old” potions system that was introduced on test live aka pots ability to cleanse bleed and them actually ignoring damage over time damage.

Did you try out the newly implemented healing waterskin? :smiley:

Kinda dumb from Funcom to implement it after all these healing changes haha

Yes. Also I tried out new ways to work around wraps animation…like poisoning myself after wrap activation and then using antidote/cleansing wep.
Honestly, I’m pretty disapointed at this point and just waiting for fixes…think I have enough stuff to do irl and games on steam I didn’t play yet.
Just staying away from all this bs right now.

Yeah, I don’t understand why Funcom is simply not building another Conan Exiles game. They already have the assets and experience. Instead they screw it up more and more.

Heck, they could even make a Conan Battle Royal game. Just reuse everything from Conan Exiles and use a newer UE4 engine.

I consider this a new realease of the game. Like going from Madden 2019 to Madden 2020…Same base principles but upgraded healing system and more.

I’m loving the “new game” but boy, you guys are really finicky. I couldn’t disagree more. This game is miles above Exiles in playability IMHO. Food should NEVER have been a healing method as it doesn’t heal you in real life either. I can’t cut my hand and eat a steak and bam, I’m fixed. I can however, cut my hand and wrap the wound with banages to heal over time. Potions obviously don’t have a real world comparison - that I know of at least, but if you’re going to chug a liquid you should have to actually go through the animation of doing it.

Healing SHOULD take some time and it should result in at least the animation. I don’t agree with the movement penalty (unless you’re actually IN the animation). Healing should also be stopped if you can’t complete the animation. Though, it should offer some healing effects…Like if one gets 3 seconds in bleeding or similar effects should be stopped or at least slowed.

I did not test the healing waterskin. But everything else, I’ve been really enjoying the challenge. I honestly don’t know what people are complaining about (most of the time)

I could not be happier with the new healing system. Now I don’t have to worry about some food spammer carrying herbal tea and lasting meals and going from 1HP to 300HP in seconds without ANY consequenses after I’ve obliterated them only to have them turn around at full health while I’m regaining my stamina and die to them. You didn’t win the fight, you cheated the system and stole the fight.

I pray developers skip right over all the “oh you broke the game I have to actually stop and heal” complainers.

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