Flag with radius of building

Thats why I suggested a second radius to prevent walling or maybe a ‘X’ across a distance to prevent walling in a clan.

This is towards pvp servers and the flag purpose is limit the amount of extended build and multiple clan bases.

The flag system would decrease lag due to render distance and the fact that each clan/player would be only allow one flag. In short no more multiple bases. Players spamming in the flag itself would be harder to limit. I would suggest to get rid of all objects that are not needed in pvp. Examples, pictures, candles, chairs, mugs, etc.

So instead of clanning up, it would now be better to solo run and just pool resources. The game is already leaning in that direction with thrall limits.

And you really want to remove decorative items from PVP? Why? “For server performance” is not a valid reason, because it won’t change anything on PVE or PVE-C servers. All it does is push more players out of the game because we like to make our base feel like a home and actively punishes players for playing the game.

I remain unconvinced that a Flag system would solve the issues you present, and am now further convinced that it would be unhealthy to gameplay as a whole.

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Pvp it causes lag and usually as clan leaders or mates we do not allow it in base. The only other solution is to optimize the code and use less intense texture. I agree more people would solo but it would be a con during fighting. I agree people doing that with thrall limit.

High end pvp usually dont use decor.

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I think the clan size shr8nk8ng would also hel0. Means when you raid my base, if you bring 10 of your fr8ends, thoer thralls will attack each other. Meaning my thralls 8n base now have a chance.

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Thanks, that actually explains the motivation for this change really well. :slight_smile:

Given that motivation, your proposal sounds like a good start, although there are details to hammer out to make it okay for PVE(-C) servers too.

Not that I have high hopes of Funcom ripping out their existing systems and replacing them with this, but hey, the forums are here for us to offer our suggestions, and they have to decide if they’re going to do anything with them.

Thanks for explaining! :slight_smile:

I have more questions, but I’ll write them later when I have more time :wink:

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Personally, I would love that SO much, but I predict that people with “public infrastructure” builds (e.g. public map rooms) will object.

And yeah, I know you hate those, but you’re in a minority :wink:

There are ways to solve that, though.

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Rrr My Idea, limited spam. Which was point.

You could build outside flag zone, it would just decay after set time. Anything outside the flags limit would.
a. fall to decay
b. if no flag is built become free to break down by anyone else. Main idea is to get player to build “Bases” (with a S) And control map in set zones. So player could war for them. (Since you have to build a base to defend the flag itself to)

Flag system was a simple way of player logging in, clicking flag to update all there decays. (And seeing damage and other stats about actions happening on your land)
The need for spider webs to connect stuff would be removed. As would de-spawning of items do to outside zone spam.

How would they wall you in? The flags can not connect, so always opening. Anything outside flag zone is free game after set time. So you could literately walk out and break it down.
Its slightly better then as is.

Hidden? You can’t really hide anyway? As an “idea” you would have smaller flags which allow you to build small and be harder to find.
You could also put in overlaps as contested grounds. So if someone places large flag, it wont tell them your there with small one. You just have fight for it when pvp happens (or move)

As for restricting building… thats what private servers and sp are for?
Thinking outside Box is important.
So Clearly Flag ideas that get posted would clearly need on/off switch.

Officials need HELP…and bad. If there not gonna pay staff to go thru server and in force rules.
Then we need a good work around.
Flag system would solve alot of issue with report spamming. Since everyone forced into set limit.
(Like I said in my original idea, set limit to certain items(like tree idea) Or as Ark does with certain objects.

From what i seen, if Large Clan Flag is big enough, most people could build there Gothic Castle, and then use Sub-Flags to build extra Towers and Villages near by. With out using spare pieces to hub them as one. It’d ruin a few roads and other things roaming across map… which lets be honest is a bane to most of community.

Also to note, Idea I posted meant each Player also has there Main Flag and Sub Flags on top of Clan Leader ones. It meant if you were kicked form Clan, You got to keep everything in your flags radius.
Also a Clan Flag given by leader, So each player had a Clan Flag. (they could make there own thing)

Again… Officials need something, I got bored of Swastikas and PP statues on my server and left after a good 2 year run. Gone back handful of times to random ones… just a mess at this point.

A flagsystem wouldn´t work in Conan. I have encountered several games with that kind of system over the years and let me tell you, its not better, even worse then what we got now in Conan, because you can easily work around each of them because all had great flaws and bugs in their implementation.

I see so many abuses in the flagssystem I can not even write them all down right now. In Conan your claim is bound to your building pieces. Even if you get raided the spot or, if a very big build, most of the spot stays yours, because people will not or often times can not destroy all of your building pieces. Its high costs and long time for the raiders to clear out a spot completely without gaining much loot so they will leave once they hitted the lootroom. So even if you loose stuff in a raid, you at least have stuff and building structures that will remain which gives you the chance to recover faster. And you will keep your building spot and believe me when I say, that is very important in Conan. You do not have to start over if you clever. And if you have an outside stash you are good to go the next day again. If a flag is gone the whole spot is gone, all building pieces are gone. If you can only have one flag, you are screwed. No backup, nothing. People would mass quit. I say that without doubt. I do not know if it helps the game a lot if people are no longer interested in playing the game on officials or any server that runs with that flag system.

There are a lot of instances where people just lost their flag, because people glitched/cheated into their bases and simple destroyed the flag or claimed it for themselfs. Even if there is a waiting timer set, how do you think you will regain your flag if the cheater is constantly inside your building? Right now no matter if he is inside or not, you may loose stuff but you will still keep the base and most times they are at least unable to open your chests. Conans anticheat system is not good, even catching people undermeshing seems to be a core for this game. So how do you think this will work out for the people that will have daily cheating/glitching visitors?

Some games offer one flag/one claim and then building outside of that claim will make the building pieces decay faster. For Conan this would mean, people could still wall you in. Faster decay doesn´t make the situation you then in any better. So you either end up with a flagsystem that gets you still walled in or a flagsystem where you can´t even build a small stash. I am so thrilled. *sarcasm

And how do you think a flagsystem works out for a raider when the flag gets bugged in? Then we are playing the hide the flag in structures game or use the highest hp pieces to cover up the flag game or the use only drawbrigdes game on a spot like the great dam where you will never be able to get in unless they are offline.

This game offers way to many abuses for a flagsystem. And I do not trust Funcom in implementing such a system without scre*wing it up completly which would leave us in a even more devastated state of the game we already have. We are better of with what we got now. In my eyes, people should stop searching for ways to make this game to something else then it is.

To be fair to the idea though, you should suspend disbelief that it can’t be done without bugs. Its of course valid to point out the pitfalls of bad implementation, but the idea is interesting on the face of it. Probably we dont have it already because FC decided it was more trouble than it was worth (I’m sure they thought of it) but that doesnt mean probing how it could be made to work is a bad thing.

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