Flawless cimmerian and vanir epic?

Do these currently exist on the online servers? I’ve tried doing some google searching and all I get back is " It doesn’t exist, get a tier 3 Cimmerian/Nordheimer armourer " can anyone tell me if it actually exists without spawning it into the game?

sadly one of the many rush jobs they have not fixed, not currently in live game with a spawn point…they exist just has no spawn in which to find

sucks cuz i want to try a 50 grit build but cant with the missing flawless set without being at a huge lose of points

I have no problems believing this…I’ve seen so many issues that simply shouldn’t exist. I’m told the Hyperborean isn’t available either in flawless but will be in the patch. Do you happen to know of Cimmerian and Vanir will be? It seems like a major oversight to leave such things out of the game despite them existing in single player even if you have to spawn them in.

According to this player on testlive, t4 cimmerian and nordheimer armorers will spawn in their respective villages. So it should be fixed when they release the big patch

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