Flawless Khitan is broken

Game mode: [Online | online]
Problem: [ Misc]
Region: [America]

The Flawless Khitan armor has way too much cold protection it is pretty much unwearable any where south of the highlands. I do not feel like the Flawless version should give more elemental resists just the better armor and stats.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Equip flawless Khitan armor. 1. Equip non-flawless Khitan.
    2.Go South. 2. Go South.
    3.Over heat. 3. You don’t over heat near as much.
  2. Makes upgrading to flawless pointless. 4. You lose out on the extra armor and stats.

it’s an armor for the cold, the heavy is one of the warmest armor.
It’s like wanting wear Silent Legion in the cold, this makes no sens !

so there is nothing broken, and no bug.


Agreed. Wear the armor that suits your environment. If you are too hot, then just take off pieces until you are better.

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so wait you are complaining that your snow suit is to hot in the desert? ummm change armor


I am saying that the Flawless version has more cold resist then the non flawless version when they should have the same resist.

All the flawless versions work better for whatever temperature zone they are meant for. That is part of the point to making flawless