Flawless Royal Armor please


Cuz that crown is the only encumbrance armor that allows for hairstyles and is short 1 extra point of ENC to make it on par with flawless medium armor (vanilla)


First off: if this is a thing, then it needs to apply on the sword as well.
(Unfourtunately I dont have that one, it looks awesome.)

Actually I would like this to apply because I like the looks of that armor…


Oh I’ve asked multiple times for there to be a flawless variant of the Atlantean Sword, but so few people have it, that it’s but a wasted piece of iconic awesome, because it’s certainly low on Funcom’s priority list.

It’s like a star wars game featuring Jedi’s, but selling the lightsaber separately as a retail exclusive, only to have the saber be worse than a Terass Kaasi Blade.


Couldn’t agree more with this.

Also, a strength head piece that allows hair to show.
As it is now I’m sacrificing 2 points in enc (droping to 19) to get 33 in strength so I can show off my do and still get the 40 point perk.
I’d like to see my preferred head piece, the eye patch, be craftable as flawless with plus 2 strength.


:thinking: I think they really should have given you the sword to go along with the royal armor and gave the physical copy owners something else [plastic statue or something]. Especially with all the crashing and bugs players went through with EA. We were with them in the beginning… …and still now…

:point_right: I am with you on the flawless royal armor as well.


Only thing that would be worse is if they included the Father’s Blade:

and made it equally useless as anything but a pretty thing to put on your wall
(yes I’m aware that the Atlantean Sword breaks the Father’s Blade in the movie, but I still think the latter is better looking!)


Wow… the inscriptions are actually legible:

On the sheath: “Balor (or Conan?) the Barbarian”
On the blade: “Suffer no guilt (ugg titho tinelj) this in the name of crom”

Whoever created that font rocks! It looks like runes at first glance, but is actually stylized alphabeth.


The Father’s Sword is (not surprisingly) made by Conan’s father (in the movie), so a fair guess is it would be his name (maker’s mark).

“Suffer no guilt yee who wield this in the name of Crom” is my reading

Better pic here:

That would (probably) be the late, great Jody Samson. I can’t say for sure whether he designed the font, but he made the swords for the movie. It’s one of my ambitions to own one of the Father’s Swords one day (an original is probably impossible, only four were ever made, but one of the certified replicas made by or under the direction of the man himself is possible).


I know the feelz…

I 3D printed this from my mod:

I dream of having this smithed into full size made from colored glass welded together by metal.


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