Flawless Strong Lance 1 hp after applying advanced weapon damage kit

Testlive EU2

The advanced weapon damage kit’s formula is not straight 25% durability reduction like with the other modifications. For advanced weapon damage kit we have: (Max Durability - 150) * 0.75

If the max durability of the weapon is less than 150, then it should technically go negative but instead, it gives you 1. I am not sure whether it is intended for the lances to have this low base durability.

Its not all lance’s, strong lance without flawless does not have problem with applying same kit
Absolutely not intended i think, it break if you hit air or a vasp

It has the exact same issue for me:

Is your epic strong lance, the one with 228 durability newly crafted or a legacy item? Because, it has only 130 durability for me as base. Exceptional has 140 and Flawless 150.

So you used an advanced weapon damage kit and it caused advanced damage to your weapon.

Sounds like it’s working fine to me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Glurin I am unsure whether you are trolling or your comment is meant to be taken seriously. The problem is not the damage but the durability.

Tested again and i can confirm that Strong lance and Flawless strong lance got durability 1.0 after applying advanced damage kit
Maybe the one i tested was one i already had from some month ago.

Edit: Also testes Flawless Poitain Heavy Lance now, and also 1.0 durability on that one after applying the kit

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Hi @Fixi, our team is already aware of this issue as it has been reported outside of the test live environment, it will be addressed in an upcoming patch.

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