Flaws in the game that are making me quit

Ive got 300+ hours on this game, and loved it. i em now starting to get annoyed to the point im no longer interested in what is fun about the game. here is my list of problems that are unacceptable.

1, Combat system,
A: Knock something on the floor, and it really isnt on the floor, it will already be swinging to attack you.
B: There is no indicators in this game, of where they will attack, how they will attack, unless you know the creature inside an out.
C: Monsters have no CoolDowns, they just spam attack and win. If you Block their attack they dont get stunned or interupted, they just attack, most of the time the game doesnt even show you they are attacking and as soon as you let the shield down you are hit.
D: Sheild does not follow any rules, most of the time you cant even block an attack. and unless you point your sheild in the direction of the incoming attack (that you mostly guess) you maybe able to block it.
E: I dont think any of these Weapons are balanced.

2, Purge/Monsters Vs Building
A: Purge is a cool idea dont get me wrong, but having monsters that do more damage to your base than a Player does, WHILE offline, is not cool.
B; having players lead monsters to your base to have them do damage to your base, For FREE, they can destory your base within minutes. Having to FORCE a player to build off the ground is sad on your part. You should be able to make a base that is just as strong was one that is 150 blocks up in the sky.
C: Purge rules need to change, took me a very long time to know WHAT you have to have and do, to get purged. And for those that have bases in the sky add a Flying monster.
D: NPC gaurds are a JOKE, ive had 5 T4 soldiers get wiped in seconds vs 1 monster. If they cant protect your base and their is no real protection weapons to protect the base, why give us the illusion that we can protect our base. takes like 10hours to get a T4 Thrall, just to die in seconds.
E: What is the point of bringing a Thrall to help you in your jurney if they dont attack let alone protect your vs Players. Set times to Raid/activate thralls doesnt make sense. let alone when they follow you they mostly jump off and kill themselves in some way.

3, Climbing
A: there is NO way, you should be able to climb FOREVER. And T1-T2 buildings Should have fences that stop climbing just like T3. what is this BS.
B: Fall damage, Ive seen someone go 50+ blocks high Jump off and take 50% health. WTF, that should kill you, Are we GODS? We can climb forever and jump off skyscraper, Why dont you just let us FLY!

4, Building
A: you cant place item here, now you magically can. Error, you placed to closed to yourself, you cant place this one down for 5min.
B: Oh you made a mistake, you need to destroy that/those items and make NEW ones. you dont get your Mats back, you get maybe 1/3-1/2.
C: You are not allowed to move ANYTHING, want to make your place bigger? got a new idea, destroy everything you made, and make it all over again, but dont forget it will cost you 2x as much to make it. i mean you should just go find a new location.
D: Upgrading, Oh you have a nice place that you made their, wouldnt it be a shame that you cant upgrade it too? NO wait, you can upgrade your crap location into a better one, but you wont get any refund on your old stuff, EVEN though if you go one by one by one to remove each piece you can get just alittle bit of the useless crap you can go farm for.
E: Did something blow up? is an item to close to that spot, so you cant lay down that new wall, you lost? We got you covered, just destroy your all room and remake it all over again. or destroy that things that is “NOW” in the way.
F: World Map, did you ever notice, that it can be placed and if you spin it once, IT CANT be placed… yea because Logic. oh and just to make sure we want you TO NOT plan ahead, dont go making a room for that GAINT thing, because those walls are in the WAY, So you need to place it down first, then build a WALL that “WAS TO TIGHT to begin with”, but now you can magically have fit.
G: Support Beams, what a wonderful idea, to let you build farther out. But it only comes in T1, and 1 bomb will blow it, and anything that was usinng that support will just fall apart. makes sense. But That problem ONLY happens if your support beams dont magically last your next relog in stage. because they break on their own. and everything using them will come crashing down. So the next time you log in, HOPE they stayed working. or lose everything you have.

5, Leveling System
A: What is this even for, Build your T1, just to out level it to build a T2 then T3. minecraft understood. Why is it hard for you to understand, rinse and repeat isnt fun. And a lvl 1 player should be skilled enough to come in and build EVERYTHING.
B: If you want a Leveling system, that clearly has failed in EVERY single game, then you need to make it only effect Stats/perks.
C: Did you know that NPCs are all different and some are WEAK and some are Strong EVEN though they are the same T4 stat? Because NO ONE else did. not till they said oh damn i randomly got this guy and s/he is way stronger then newbie river guys. A T4 should be a T4 STRONG in each race/faction. if you want T4s only found in strong areas, then do that. but making Weak T4s is retarded.

okay i typed long enough, hopefully things get fixed, im bored, and tried of losing hours an hours of work because of your flaws. Not sure how much more im going to log in.


Stopped playing for nearly 4 months, not one of these are fixed. good job.

Sorry to see you go, and that your feel the game is not for you. I also hope that you find what you’re looking for in your next gaming adventure. :slight_smile:

We are constantly working on improving the game and we are trying to listen to the community’s feedback and take it into consideration. I will be locking this particular thread due to necromancy (it is 4 months old at this time), but know that we have made a lot of headway on several of the items you listed in your initial post.

You are very welcome to share your ideas and suggestions, of course, but we ask that you keep it constructive. :slight_smile:

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