Flexile City RP Pvp-pve 4x harvest+exp

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Newly Open Server!
Player limit is a little lower for now.
City Building RP Server.
Admins fairly active.
18+ highly recommended
This server is US-MID and on PC
Discord: https:// discord.gg/ ynQsCfods

Mod List:

  1. Max Level 156
  2. RP Aesthetics
  3. Npc Loot
  4. Warrior Mutator
  5. Fashionista
  6. Pippi
  7. Pickup+
  8. Sandstorm EX
  9. Grand Paradise
  10. Unlock plus
  11. Bbjiggle
  12. Aquilonian Females
  13. Exiled Land Improved
  14. Numeric hud
  15. Sticky Warpaint
  16. Minimal
  17. Armor adjustments and add-ons
  18. Charedit
  19. Emberlight
  20. Building restrictions (overlap + no restricted zones)
  21. Aquilonian Server Mod
  22. Dyemorebetter
  23. UI Rescale
    This is just a general idea of changes made by mods.
    (Full actual mod list available upon request)

The current combat setup for the pve players is 2x npc health, but npc loot is available, player damage is normalized, yet the player stamina has been enhanced a little. As far as pvp the player is given no real buffs other than stamina.

Purge: Purge level is currently at 8, I have it set to occur with two active players every 1 hour or so.
Changed made to God summoning are 90 sec timer with an increased summon time at 30 sec.

Harvesting and exp: I have increased the harvest amount to x4. The player exp for general exp multiplier is set at x4 as well. Kill exp is also x4. Crafting and harvesting are at x2. The rest is vanilla with the exception of minimal “doing nothing” exp. (No over time exp).

Currently on the map my other admin and I have built a fair amount, although the map is fairly clean and empty still. The future goal is to at least open up 50 available slots on the server but I am waiting until I can get a few more active players in the server before then. Everybody is welcome and enjoy the server!
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Thank you all for your time.