Flickering night sky and reflections when anti-aliasing setting below 4

Bug, Single Player, Isle of Siptah.
System: Windows 10, Geforce GTX 1650.

The lower section of the sky box was blurred and flickering.

The flickering is not captured well with screenshots. I made a .mp4 with geforce experience but couldn’t upload it here?

How to reproduce:

  1. Set anti-aliasing to ‘none’ or ‘2x’ (video settings).
  2. Set time of day to 0 (admin panel).
  3. Wear armor next to active furnace, or look at night sky.
    Expected: similar appearance as anti-aliasing on higher setting than 2x.

If you want to upload a video, I would suggest doing so via Google Drive, One Drive, or YouTube (and I’m sure there are many other free upload sites that would work). Then posting the view link here.

Used my google drive account, thanks!

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