Float stats on console

Any one know if these float stats work yet, I’ve been messing with this stuff for some time now

Just a lil rant while I’m here funcom
I’ve had my fill of the general game for now and I’m starting to get bored of what I can already do, console needs more love especially if you still plan to charge people out the warzoo for cosmetic stuff I’ve been an admin for couple years now an for people out side America that’s a lot of money to them for stuff all in return we need more control on console for what your asking in return please STOP DRIP FEEDING US consoles combined makes up more then 50% of your player base. Now I’m not gonna talk numbers because what I spend a month to injoy your game isn’t all going to you but I will say more 60% of what I spend a month goes to you and I’m technically spending this money to keep people playing your game see where I’m going with this

I think you would be better off charging a fee for the season 3 free content an GIVING the cosmetic stuff as rewards for consecutive play through out the season
Like I said, just a thought

Wish I worked for yous, I’d bring some mean cheddar to the table :sunglasses::beers:

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