Floating objects & undermesh

My wife, son and myself all play on the same server (different PC’s). My game has mining nodes broken into several pieces, I can still mine them but i have to go to each individual chunk and mine it. Trees are floating and on parts of the map I clip through the ground. Other places look like I can run up it but then I just start climbing…or I fall. My wife’s computer and sons doesn’t do this, their games look perfectly fine. We all have RX 580s. I am verifying the integrity of my files now but I am not thinking thats the problem as I can play the game perfectly fine. Yes this is a modded server on Isle of Siptah. But like i said other people arent having this issue, even my friend who plays on the server doesnt have this problem. Thanks for any advice.

That’s a really odd one. So you and your family are all using the same hardware? Is it possible that your modlist is in a slightly different order to everyone else’s? (I would’ve thought that would just not work at all though). Hopefully it’s something as simple as that or the file verification, otherwise I’m stumped.

I have set my mod list to be the same as the server. When i load it there is no Modmismatch. Ive also uninstalled all the other mods from when ive played on other servers. I did have to reaquire a file during verification, hopefully that helps. I have no updates on my pc. I noticed that when i first started on the server everything was fine, then i died and it broke.

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