Floating On Foundations/Ceilings

Game mode: [Online | Official PVE]
Problem: [Performance | Misc]

Haven’t had this happen in a long while.
Since the Mounts Update. Have had major issues with this.
Floating over and sinking into building pieces.


happens to me time to time when the game has not fully loaded when I first log in

Hi @Zeb, the team is aware of the issue and it’s being looked into, we’ll add your feedback to the ticket.

Feel free to share additional details regarding which building pieces are causing this to occur more often and if it’s more frequent during the initial minutes of gameplay after loading into the server or if it also happens throughout your sessions.


It was keeping me from my main base for quite a while went into my base last night no floating will check further last try when I got in or near the horses barn would launch into the air.And Floating through stairs.

Turanian foundations/ceilings cause floating/falling animation.
This happens throughout gameplay. Not just at initial loading of the game or area.

Black Ice foundations/ceilings will cause sinking into foundations for Player and Placed Thralls.

The Server has recently seen an uptick of active users with large bases, unsure if this is a factor but thought I’d toss it in.


Oh my dear this is an old bug, but anyway, yes i confirm, the last 10 months it is happening but only at the beginning of the game. If you go out and come back after an hour of farming the problem is gone.

Yes it is an old bug. One that I personally have not experienced for at least 4-5 months, until after the Mounts Update. It has come back for me. :woman_shrugging:t2:


It got much worse after mounts update. Looks like you might join the flying antelope. LOL


Personal and public i apologize if i sound offensive. Believe me i am not this type of person. I don’t blame the ones who are, but i am not. I find it really nice that you mention this problem and i hope one day the bug will be gone forever :+1:.


Happpens to me too, and on PVP people already abuse this to climb over your walls/fences
@Funcom, this needs to be fixed ASAP

Edit: My base is bugged with this up to unplayability

My post is being deleted by admins, but to proof my case;

Reporting bugs OK, asking gamers to figure out how this bugs works NOT OK.

And yes, it is meant sarcastic.

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