Floating terrain in exiled Lands at G9

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvE

In the exiled lands there is some rectangular floating terrain at G9 just left of the big lake. I don’t have terrain altering mods so i have no idea why it’s there. You can see the 3 boxes, they extend above the ground like foundation pieces and there is a floating orb/Ball near them This is a new Char but i played CE for along time before and never had this issue

Do you run any mods on your game? Have similar issue on a server, and it was right after a restart with a couple of mod updates.

Add: We have no terrain altering mods, either, but it was a very clear before/after effect for the mod updates.

Edited: yes, solved, was RA Char customization

Ah, it appears to be an RA.pak issue. As shown by someone else’s work trouble shooting.

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