Floating thrall glitch

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***since funcom wont respond about this glitch I figure to even the odds for everyone I’d tell you how to do it. I’ll even post a YouTube video as well because they seem to not fix it unless it gets out onYouTube… stack 3-5 foundations high (not connected to any base piece) and put your thrall on it… gear them out. The sandstone foundation stack will decay in an hour… so when you log out for the night it will decay… long on later on… BOOM you have floating thrall guarding your base that cannot be killed ( if you have a sandstorm mask on them) unless you god the area. As you see in the picture this clan is staking full advantage. Screenshot_20190424-193124_PS%20Messages

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Hey there,

We’re quite well aware of this issue, as it has been reported previously. A quick search could’ve answered that much.
Posting it on Youtube would have little to no effect as well.
Or team is looking into it, as stated previously.