Flog Whomever Decided To Put Panthers At The South Jungle Obelisk

I don’t know what the order of operations was, but there is a spawn point for like 4 panthers right in front of the south jungle obelisk.

This was mentioned in previous forum posts, as long ago as LAST YEAR (Attack of the Panthers), and this issue–which is a prime example of bad/novice game/level design principles is STILL in the game.

Please to God. Whomever put these panthers right at a LOADING SCREEN, or the OBELISK RIGHT NEXT TO PANTHERS needs a flogging, but I’ll settle for you guys just fixing this. It’s a quick couple of drag+drops in UE4 to move these panthers out of aggro range from the obelisk. Thanks.

If the risk of a quick trip to the southern jungle (or the Unnamed City… the Black Keep… or through the Well of Skelos… or the Northern jungle if someone has dragged over the Sand Reaper Queen…) is too much to handle, running it on foot is always an option.

The balance between risk & reward is a fairly decent measure of game design competency… Frustrating as it can be, the reward of a lazy trip mostly balances nicely with the risk of trans-dimensional mutilation I reckon.

Putting enemies on the other side of a loading screen is always horrible game design. If enemies can kill a player without the player being able to defend themselves. (i.e. while loading in) that is atrocious. Plus with regards to “lazy” fast travel. Not all of us have all day to play Conan Exiles like a streamer. It takes more than 30 minutes to travel the whole map, so fast travel is essential for more casual players–who may only have 2-3 hours a day to play. Casual players should be additionally able to play PvP.

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No, because they are FUNdamentally inCOMpetent. :wink:

But seriously, do you think that Funcom actually plays their game? Like teleport to this obelisk without godmode and with lvl 20 equip? On PCs that do not have an SSD?

As someone who streams with typically only 2-3 hours a day to play… not sure that your second point here holds up.

There’s nothing stopping us time-poor players making use of fast-travel but in many cases it is, as I mentioned, a calculated risk.

As for the first point, in an open world PvP environment, is that ever really not a possibility? I’ve been fortunate enough to have avoided obelisk campers over the years, but fully expect to cop a Yog’s Touch in the face on the other side of a maproom jump at some stage.

And just because someone CAN kill you before you’ve gotten off of a loading screen doesn’t make it good game design. The fact that ANYTHING can kill you while you’re still loading is the result of Funcom not taking the time to ensure that things can’t. And it’s poor user experience in my professional and personal opinion.

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And that is the real problem here.

Precisely! I honestly have no idea why they never fixed it. I know from firsthand experience that nothing in software is trivial, and that games are really hard to make, but even so I don’t understand why they can’t make the player invulnerable until the transition is complete and the client is back in control.

And no, “it can be abused” doesn’t hold water, either. Preventing that should be as simple as removing the invulnerability as soon as the server receives the first “action” (e.g. movement, attack, etc.) from the client.


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