Floor Bug (Possible Temp Fix?)

Simple Possible Solution - Remove all the Tavern Bars off the map. See if that fixes it. Seriously. Just try it.

:point_down:t3: Detailed Explanation below :point_down:t3:

We have been suffering from this same bug for quite some time on a Dedicated Server (yes with mods) Always random. But it was becoming consistent enough to make the server nearly unplayable. Yesterday we had had enough and started trying to find the root of the problem.

We narrowed down the issue to a specific player-made “town” being rendered in > we would get everyone away from the town and the problem would stop.
It would return eventually though.
After a bit more troubleshooting (yes, checking all our mods and modded items first). We moved on to base game items, thinking of anything that was added recently, around the time this bug became an issue. We decided to remove the base game Tavern Bar (drawing in NPCS) that was in the town.

After removing the bar and clearing the area of players and returning (just re-rendering the area). The issue had stopped and it has now been more than 24 hours since we had the bug. (significant considering it was nearly constant)

We strongly believe the Tavern Bar is the root of the issue and would love to see if any other servers, official and dedicated, modded and not, see any improvement after removing all the Tavern Bars off the map.

The issue on official 1500 seems to be when (some) bases built in water are rendered.
there are some large bases and countless taverns, none of those seem to cause the falling into player made structures issues.

my current speculation on what is happening is when a water base that’s in stasis is rendered, the server chokes when calculating something while rendering it in (stability? collision?) and doesn’t return to normal until the entire structure finishes rendering.

or…when someone logs in. That is what several of us have noticed on officials

Yep all are possibilities.

Unfortunately Funcom doesn’t care though.

May 14th they acknowledged the bug saying “We will fix this when we release the next age”.

Today we all learned that the next Age is being pushed back 3 Months!!

Safe to say that they don’t care.

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It’s lovely when the players realize that MORE players trying to play the game that you love, is actually doing more harm than good.

It’s absolutely f**king horses*it. But the Bazaar works right?

Not a troll either. Been playing on officials for 4 years.

Funcom, the Devs, Andy and Dennis all deserve to be fired. This crap is unacceptable.

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