Floor 'door' to cover stairways

How about a 1x2 floor ‘door’ for covering stairways.


I love the idea. I like to build stairs to the roof so I can access my archers without climbing walls, and I don’t want to give the Purge an easy pathway up to murder my shooter thralls. But I need to either leave the top of the stairway open or build a 2X1 “hut” on my roof to cover the stairs if I feel like I need full shelter in my house.

A horizontal 2X1-sized “gate” that opens to the side would be just what I’ve always needed.

I agree. It’s annoying with a stair to the roof to either let a big hole in your roof, but you don’t need to crouch to get in and out; Or using a trapdoor and get a closed roof but needing to crouch to get in and out.

What about a 1x1.5 sized door with the other 0.5 filled by something like frame on a trapdoor? Part of the “frame” could even use some of the ceiling texture to blend in with the rest of your ceiling.

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