Flotsam Blocks are not Upgradable

If user used Flotsam as a base building block, user is not able to replace the block with a higher tier building block.


  • Place Flotsam foundation.
  • Attempt to replace Foundation with higher Tier block
  • Game will attempt to build on top of the Flotsam instead of replacing it

It appears that the Flotsam foundation can only be replaced / upgraded with the block(s) that came with the Isle of Siptah. We (My friends and I that play on our server) have only noticed the upgrade available with the Stormglass Foundation that you learn with the Stormglass Architect feat (level 30).

I do not know, off the top of my head, of any other block that strictly comes with the Isle of Sipta. If there are any other blocks related to the expansion, it would stand to reason that those can also upgrade the Flotsam blocks.

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