Flotsam Merchants

Mercenary Fighter for 50 gold coins: T2 Fighter, T3 Fighter, T4 Taskmaster (about 10% chance)!? Would I pay 50 coins for a T2? Probably, not … considering the chance of getting T2 is quite high. The T3 fighters are 5k ones, so not bad. Is the taskmaster, being in the rng loot table intended? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a good T4 fighter instead?

Mercenary Alchemist for 50 gold coins: T2 Alchemist, T3 Alchemist, T4 Alchemist (about 10% chance). Considering how easy is to get alchemists from Sepermeru nowadays and the witch doctor being a purge alchemist, I doubt I would be using these merchants a lot but at least alchemist is a desired NPC.

Mercenary Dancer for 30 gold coins: T2 Dancer, T3 Dancer,T4 Dancer (about 5% chance).

Mercenary Archer for 30 gold coins: T2 Archer, T3 Archer, T4 Archer (about 5% chance). 30 coins is not much but T2 are easy to get as well.

In general, I am not a fan of gambling and I would prefer to have a fixed price for a random T2, a random T3 and a random T4. I would even remove the T2s and if the gamble is to stay, then gamble between T3 and T4 only.

The idea is interesting, especially on pvp servers where catching thralls could be a bit more difficult. On PVE servers, I would see myself gambling, if I could get T4 purge npcs. On PvP servers, it would be nice to be able to buy some crafters. Which would be the most desired and what price would the PvPers be ready to pay for them, I am not sure.

Having said all that, I am pleased to note that the NPCs are starting to sell more useful stuff.

P.S. There is no walkable path to the last platforms where Shamalla The Pirate Queen and Ignasis the Greedy (pun intended) are located.


They shouldn’t sell T2s at all. They should just sell T3 with a random chance at them being a T4 instead. I won’t even waste time checking if they sell T2s. Even if it is random, T2s clogging up the drop pool will just make it not worth the trip.

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I didn’t check the merchants in the last patch, so i can’t tell.
But i know that i wouldn’t buy a T2 thrall, that’s a fact. But i never really bought eggs when they sold them nor.
But it may be simply the fact that my bases a rarely located in the jungle, and more desert and nothern.
I know people spending lot time gathering gold peaces around the map, and especially the jungle.

Same, i’m mostly not a gambler, but if the price is tempting, i may try.
I think, mostly new players will be tempted by this, then again, at the start, 50, or even 30 gold may be a price.
Like still, at hight level gold isn’t so much the problem, but mostly then you’re done, and have more or less the thralls you need.

Yes, missing path, this was still the thing, mostly i chose the way from the top down, but climbing is needed, or jump. :slight_smile:

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