Flotsam Wall destruct destroys Wheel of Pain instead

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I was removing/destroying one of my Flotsam walls (with the wheel in it). The options graphic said “Flotsam Wall”, and I selected “Destroy”, but what was destroyed was the Wheel of Pain behind it along with ‘Kat of a thousand lashes’ who was just about to finish creating and was a real pain to get at level 44 with just basic gear. Not happy about this and if this were EVE Online the devs would restore my lost items within 2-3 hours. Server 1516 if you feel so inclined. :slight_smile:

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1.Put a Flotsam wall with a window in it on a Sandstone Foundation base with a Wheel of Pain right behind it. Try to destroy the wall when the destroy menu comes up. It will say Flotsam Wall, but will destroy the Wheel of Pain.

That s7cks.

But word of advice…you are on conflict server, so windows should be a no-no. Easy to WindowLick it during conflict time.

no , on pve - c there is no access to others containers ( the only thing people can loot during pvp time is bodies ) that said , if you sleep to close to a window with all your precious loot on you it’s another story …

@Bladesaint , was the wall "supporting " a ceiling with the wheel of pain on it ? cause if it is the case that is how stability works … and I’m sorry for your loss .

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