Fluid Press at level 20 instead of 28

The insulated wooden foundation is available at level 20, but it needs insulated wood to craft which now requires oil to make. I can’t make oil, afaik, without a fluid press that I can’t make until level 28.

This applies to all the insulated wooden building items.

My suggestion is to change the fluid press so it’s available at level 20 or below.


Yep been saying this since thay added ‘oil’ to make black ice harder to make but all thay did was lock me out of building in wood on new restarts or servers its been mths thay havent changed it yet.

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I also made this suggestion back when the change was the implemented (29 days ago in another thread on the same topic) … but to deaf ears unfortunately.

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I support this. Having it at or around lvl 20 makes sense. A lot of other items unlock around the same time, give or take a level or two, but eight levels difference is too much.

Only problem with oil is that it goes from quite scarce (random drops only) to trivial, there’s really no in-between phase (due to abundant fish).

I appreciate that the baited fish traps might’ve fixed this, but it was going too far in the other direction, particularly when introduced at the same time as thrall feeding (everyone freaking out over their food supply).

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Yes, I completely agree.

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