Fluid Press - Gave Journey Experience - but doesn't work

Single-Player - no Mods
PC w/Steam Controller

I placed my first fluid press, put in some ‘feral flesh’, (hoping to get blood for another crafting item),
and it gave me a Journey Step for smashing something - when it didn’t do anything.

It may be that feral flesh isn’t an item this machine takes, regardless of the Journey Step text making it seem other wise… so I put in what I saw in the machines instructions - hide.

After putting in hide, the other ingredient was ‘time’ - fair enough.
However, when turned on, the hide did not show up at the bottom with its time bar.

So I placed other things in it…
i.e. wood, for fuel, (though it did not imply it needed fuel), etc.

… still to no avail.

50 putrid meats, fishes, berries, graines, lot of stuff, even heads. And i forget lot.

But yes, journey-steps works with 1 items, but with all.

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Thank you!

Just watched a youtube video where someone was as lost as I was about the ‘hide’. :stuck_out_tongue:

So it works - just the instructions are… well, a little off. :wink:

sure, all tests and trials ! :smile:

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