Flying bases in Conan exiles New meta

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: Bug
Region: Conan Exiles

Hello guys, so seems that funcom don’t keep up with the bugs on the game. Because of that I’m creating this post so everyone knows and stay update with another meta bug that means the flying bases. Yeah u can build a Pilar tower and with some notes, pillows and vaults u can make a massive flying base undetected, if u are getting raided and u can’t find the raiders base try to check up the sky with pillars because this is a thing for months now and seems no one talks about it, the game is broken and FC don’t care about this huge bugs killing the game, so if u are tired of fighting raiders with no base this is what u need. Check the YouTube

Good luck to everyone

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1: make a Pilar base as high as u can
2: put ceilings and start to place notes and close as u can without overlapping them
3:start to place pillows above the parchments and then put the vault
4: after this break the pillar just 1 or 2 highs bellow to check if it’s stands flotating
5:if it keeps floatating just start to build ur base :slight_smile:

For more easy information check YouTube search for flying bases

Not sure posting a how to is the best idea if you’re looking for it NOT to be the meta lol :joy:

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Its not like its a big secret they know about it its been on YouTube for 3 months lol​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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You have a strange sense of humour pal but glad I could amuse you THAT much :crazy_face: my point was that not everyone will know about it so the less it’s spread around the better. I had no idea it was possible until I read this :man_shrugging:

Again it’s been on YouTube for 3 months and you tell me what gamer doesn’t use YouTube in this day and age i know people that are 60 plus and they to use YouTube so him putting this on the forums is not going to break a already broken game and just to make this clear zombie i was commenting on the post not even talking to you :blush::man_facepalming:

Don’t slap yourself bro it’s not your foreheads fault :upside_down_face: lol apologies I thought you were referring to me. I get what your saying but I use you tube every day, alot, and I’ve never seen anything about floating bases. There’s a lot of Conan vids out there. You’d be doing well to get something like that to just random pop on your home page feed unless you been searching for it or something similar.

Actually the floatating bases have been a thing for more than 3 months, I’m just posting this to the ppl that getting wiped without finding the raiders base know what is happening

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Hopefully when the new patch hits those bases come down.

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Yeah I know but then again no one can say anything on here with out someone one uping them so here we are ce been around since 2017 and funcom has not fixed this it’s been a thing from the start :wink::ok_hand: