? flying Objects?

Flying Objecte on official Server - how does it work ???


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It’s legit, enjoy it while it’s here. I haven’t had the bandwidth to download TestLive but I’ve heard rumors it’s been addressed.

Edit: Please let’s not discuss how it’s done or link to videos on it. As presented it looks like a PvP advantage. It isn’t.


That looks so cool!


I think i already asked about this in discord yesterday :D… its like reversed undermesh at this point. i just wandered on siptah and near violet lake found 3 pillars in air floor, and 2 pieces of wall … u cant get there tho anyhow, they just flying …

Hi - hmmm, this works on official server? The picture is from 1096.

it is bug, and soon or later these structures will be destroyed because of lacking connection. yes official - 6422 i guess its happening when u build something and then destroy other stuff around it and then server cant delete those in air … dunno no need to reproduce this s**t, we had undermesh, imagine now flying bases where u cant even get to them…

ahh - ok - thx

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