Fog and Mirrors: Cell Phone

Should I have gotten my cell phone to start this quest sometime while killing all 9 of the champs, plus a few repeats? I have not gotten a cell phone yet, and was curious as to what the odds are that I don’t get one at all before the event is over? :disappointed:

Did you have the bounty mission before you started killing champions? I could be mistaken but I was sort of under the impression the phone drops when you complete the bounty mission (aside from weird cool down stuff).

It is worth checking the Mission Items section of the inventory. It’s pretty easy to overlook and you only really notice it if it fills a quick slot and the automated lady announces it or if you’re looking for it.

It doesn’t end up in the regular inventory. Not sure if that helps.

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I didn’t get a mission, I just went and killed them. Where do you get a mission?

In Agartha from the activity board.


Just wanted to thank everyone again. This was totally my problem, not having the bounty quest first. I did 4 champs today (with the quest!) and got the phone. :grin:

Just as an FYI, after further testing and talking to some other folks, it seems it is random, and it is possible to get without the mission, or not get it even after killing all 9.

Hopefully you don’t end up in the latter situation, but just FYI if you see something different from what I had seen before in the future.

It is indeed random, it is possible to get it without mission. Rate is rather high - I mostly get it on first-second champion.

Or you can kill all 4 required champions, and get 0 phones, And be unable to report it on Discord because Funcom devs would rather block people than admit their screwup with Lore #10.

Yes, didn’t get the phone either several times with my alts :no_mouth:
It would be nice if it could drop on the first champion while the side quest is active.

But what about the lore #10 ? You’re talking about the DA one ?

Last time the quest was on cooldown and I got a phone right away.

Now it was on cooldown and I’ve probably killed 6 champions since I last did it, and I’ve yet to get another cellphone…


The lore is in the game. You just have to wait for the right platform to find it.

Maybe, but it was not there today.

It was yesterday :no_mouth:

To balance it out, the cellphone failed to drop from the champions.

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