FOG disabled in Maelstrom

Game mode: ALL
Type of issue: Bug/MISC
Server type: ALL
Region: ALL

Watching a streamer today, i saw he shared how to disable fog, shadow and override FOV settings.

Players are able to override the fog setting by disabling it. this in turn removes the fog / visibility effect from Maelstrom resulting in players having an unfair advantage from other players. Removing shadows and fog results in pvp being often one sided.

Fog and FOV should be securely set by server(s) and BattleEye should protect or remove any players from adjusting this setting(s).

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

DM me for the specific settings as i feel this is an exploit and would rather not share openly.

Being able to change fov is not an exploit. It’s allowed in many games, including those that have PvP.

Do you also consider running at minimal graphics settings to improve frame rate an exploit?

I guess they are referring to adjusting it in the game files on the client’s side beyond what is doable with the sliders e.g. going with FOV 100+ as well as adjusting some of the post processing values. Some even found a way to remove the jungle night darkness completely while others couldn’t see a thing :slight_smile:

Everyone can do what they do but those who don’t know how to mess with the game files (Game.ini, Engine.ini, etc) are in disadvantage.

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depends can you do in with in game settings? if not it’s an exploit, furthermore, I remember popular CS 1.6 hack (or whatever) that allowed no textures no dynamic lightning, essentially light gray figures on dark grey background, in competitive games I consider this bannable offence

its an exploit as you’re effectively hijacking the inner workings of Unreal Engine to do it. Don’t hustle a hustler bro :slight_smile:

people using this specific setting aren’t just fiddling around with in game menus, no they are knowingly going into the game client to manipulate its behaviour for their gain.

it’d be different if you could manually type in FOV 110 via console or in-game settings but you can’t. You are limited to 75 for a number of reasons specifically the higher the FOV the more you can see behind you and if you tilt your camera to the sides you can also see further into bases behind walls.

Its just bad bad sportsmanship to argue this is “as per design” when its specifically not at all.

Ohhhhhh. Thanks for the clarification.

Now I understand what op meant by locking down the settings. Adjusting the settings outside what the client allows does seem unfair and unsportsmanlike.


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