Foliage break the map making


Hello Funcom, as you have surely noticed, some maps are currently being generated with your DevKit tool.
Mine are

  1. Brachland Mod

  2. Kalimdor Mord

Unfortunately, there is one big and very annoying problem.

The foliage.<—

If you place some of them on your map the game crash. Not with others.
Do you have a hint or a list which you can use and which you can’t**?** Unfortunately it is extremely time and nerve consuming to test which foliages work.

Many Thanks



Hallo Funcom, wie ihr sicher mitbekommen habt werden derzeit einige Maps mit eurem DevKit Tool erzeugt.
Meine sind:

  1. siehe oben

  2. siehe oben

Leider gibt es ein großes, und sehr ärgerliches Problem.
Die Foliage.

Wenn man einige davon auf seiner Map plaziert stürzt das Spiel ab bei anderen nicht.
Habt ihr einen Hinweis oder eine Liste, welche man benutzen kann und welche nicht? Es ist leider extrem Zeit und Nerven raubend zu testen welche Foliages funktionieren.

Vielen Dank


I made a little helper app a while back for this exact issue while working on a map that might be of use to you…

App contains a lists of all the “FoliageType” that are shipped with the game “Client”, currently the file list is from the siptah update patch, the app also has a search function so you can quickly check to see if a foliage from devkit is actually present in the game files.

This should help out a bit although one or two foliage types may still cause an error if it has broken references (???).

https:// www. sendspace. com/file/jjwkk3
I had to add a few spaces in the link :stuck_out_tongue:

hades/EZee_AP :upside_down_face:

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