Follow thralls dying for no reason?

I’m playing on official pve 1013 and once in a while I have thralls dying for no reason at all…

I had a named thrall following me while dragging an unconscious thrall into my base, it usually takes 20-30 seconds before all building parts have spawned in, so I stood still just inside the base waiting for it to finish, my following thrall was standing next to me.
Once everything had spawned in I ran to the wheel and put the thrall in and then I heard that squishing sound like when a thrall splits or dies in parts with moans, and when I looked back she wasn’t there anymore.
I checked all thrall pots and her name wasn’t in the feeding list.
I did not use elevator or jump down anywhere, it was a straight path to the wheel.

This is the 3rd time this has happened, nothing in event report or message of thrall dying, what is going on?

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