Follower attack bugs

Bug Description

The AI of a follower bugs out(greater hyena) When it follows me and after tries or kills things, it stops attacking. It still follows but doesnt attack anything anymore,. I tried changing the behavior/tactics but it didn’t work. When i load the server again it works fine for maybe one kill. When it bugs out, it stays stuck in the aggresive stance like its being attacked or something

Bug Reproduction:

Trying to kill things with my follower. might be becaus of the attack(x) command, not sure though

il semble que ce problème soit récurrent depuis plusieurs mois comme l’indiquent différents sujets sur ce forum.

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Same bug here but I could fix it this way:
Move to an area that your hyena couldn’t because there is no way to go and must to teleport next to you. For any reason, that refresh the hyena and now can attack again.

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