Follower Balancing

I understand the Follower leveling was so people had to put effort into training said Followers to be strong, but comparing them to Players, Followers are still extremely powerful. When getting raided, and they have a level 20 Follower with them, you can’t fight them. Them as a Player can be your equal or lower in terms of power but then that Follower hits you for half your health while you’re wearing Flawless Epic Heavy armor, there’s just no contest.

Followers are gamebreaking OP at the moment you dead in max 3 hits even if you wear godbreaker armor, i have a follower it has 262% melee damage and it isnt even level 20
this must be fixed even a 3rd of the actual power would be sick

a possible directiion could be to make them max as strong as a 3 skull boss

Followers always had been OP. It just got into more focus because of the leveling system.

I still remember the clips where Leek1ng got oneshot by thralls whilst raiding :sweat_smile:

Pretty sure thats only UI glitch. Wait for server restart. Happens if you admin level them up.

Or its an animal. They can have such high values, but they are still crap…

i feel like players should have around 1000 base health at max level however idk how it would be posible to balance followers,

i agree that they should be hard to kill as they guard your base especially when your offline yourself
and i agree they need to be strong just to fight bosses.

but i think folloers should take atleast 2x damage from another and deal half damage towards other players player when they are on follow.

so the player is not the sidekick of the thrall like how the game is atm

But you can surely kamikaze them and acid arrow them, if and when I make a base I try to have a stash of bombs strategically hidden under floors just for this kind of occasion. You can’t immagine the reaction of people, but you need to be online for it.

I don’t like to despawn loot, but the reaction is priceless.

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