Follower Leaving IoS?

I went into Harbor of the Drowned and my follower immediately began taking hits of multiple 100’s and 1000s of damage but also did not follow me into the vault.

She ended up here:

*Edit - Just got to the boss room and she died while following…GG


Once your in the vault (dungeons), your on a very different place on the map that the entrance is.
The reason of the loading-screen. Vaults are kind of skyboxes. So this may be the reason you saw your follower at this spot.

Don’t worry, your next follower will massacre them all ! Good luck ! :yum:

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I understand how vaults/dungeons are placed and loaded but my follower should have at least tp’d to me at some point during the vault, no? Instead, she died from some unknown force.

I honestly haven’t been able to get a follower past level 15 in the past year due to how they get stuck places/refuse to follow/refuse to fight, etc.

Yup, i lost also lot followers over time, and especially during patch changes the last weeks.

No clue, and probably we will never know what happened to your follower. Often they undermesh in a way and are killed in the process. It’s a well known issue, and i know the devs are aware and spotting different issues going on with our thralls.

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