Follower Lian dissappeared

Lian and my main horse was on follower mode on Testlive EU2 when i died around meadowwatch camp. I took another horse and went back where i died, got my loot and got on my main horse but Lian was not to see, last message from him in event logs was that he returned home, and his name is not on the follower management list anymore an not showing on map. I have logged off and on and have other follower now but he is gone almost 6 hours now.

Liam did ‘die’ if the event logs said he returned home… But how did you get both your horse and Liam following you that shouldn’t be possible. Only 1 follower at the same time.

you can have 1 horse and 1 thrall following you in this update
if event log is wrong in this update they need to fix it, but thats new to me