Follower Management suggestion

Been playing with the Follower Management System. Love it.
I only have one tiny suggestion. And that’s when the cap is disabled.

You can only see how many followers you have IF you have the population cap enabled. If it’s not enabled, you have to go down the list and manually count how many followers there are.

Wouldn’t it be cool if it simply said “You have this many followers: #” at the top of the list, when the population cap is disabled?


Please move this to suggestions since it’s not a bug.

Agree, MG. As a temporary workaround, we enabled the cap, then extended the parameters to the max. The number of followers show, but there is no effective limit.



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Great idea. Though they could also use the existing bar as well. That way you could tell what your limit would be if someone flipped the population cap switch to on.

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