Follower Management while not in claim

I ran into an issue where I was booted from the server due to a network error on PS4. When I loaded back into the game, I was at the south jungle obelisk, in the dark, with no idea where my thrall was because I had already jumped down into the ruins with the apes.

I figured I would use the locator option on the follower system, but you can’t activate it if you’re not on your own land. I get that you shouldn’t be able to “rescue” thralls except on your land to prevent abuse, but we should be able to at least turn on the map location for situations just like this.

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I haven’t tried that yet. Not being able to track without being in a claim area sucks.

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work around, try placing a stone foundation and stand on it. See if that gives enough land claim to activate menu. then destroy the foundation

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Well you can always place more and then dismantle them, still, bravo nice idea :+1:.

Thought about that, but that would require materials to build, and not being in the middle of another player’s public work at the time.

Well yes. but in his predicament, he is not trying to cheese it to bring a thrall to him, just find on the map his lost thrall without having to go all the way back home.

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