Follower Naming Conventions and Ranking System


Since you end up having a few dozen followers in the endgame, and its great fun to play with them to simulate a vivid world, wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to rename all of them (including those at crafting stations) ? Also, i figure that people will have their own preferences in what kind of follower is how important to them depending on role/job/creature type, name, character appearance etc. So, wouldn’t it also be a nice gimmic (and easy to implement) to provide 3 roles, so the player can name the roles and sort the followers?

(if you could later command a group of followers via mods like that you could even simulate battle… in theory)

cheers! Thanks for reading, enjoy Conan

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You can rename all followers (that can follow you) - simply click in their name box, delete the existing name and replace. You can also get the same effect for crafters by renaming the crafting station - either replacing ‘Improved Blacksmiths Bench’ (or whatever) with a thralls name (what the station is called also shows up when you hover a pointer over it - so you actually wind up with both) - or by adding the name on the end of the station’s name (eg: ‘Improved Blacksmith Bench - Bob’).

It could certainly be easier to personalise - but hopefully that helps with at least some of what you wanted to do :slight_smile:

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Yes you can rename a any plaseble objects but not the crafting thralls. The problm is that we cant do anything whit them.

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Yes, The crafting thralls need uppdate, and an update in a good way! Somthing simular as the combat thralls have.

for instance, go and farm nearby resources (mind: if not in a dangerous area), or even easier, let them go around and take resources out of a chest and craft stuff, and also level up by that?

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So play the game for you???

No just so they can use resorses closeby and not get server whatis in ther working statning, Who is whos Thrall? And to get the town more alive maybe!

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yes. The game is partly a “play yourself” experience, but for the end game content, mostly also a “management” task, so it adds tactic or strategic aspects even. And the thralls could provide that, by using functionalities like standard crafting priorities for them or patrol points.

I think that it is no loss for players if their followers can behave based on simple rules whilst they are not around.

For roleplayers you could have city guards and carpenters actually working etc, for survivalists and builders this clearly would add meaning to thralls beyond a simple crafting speed buff, and for war game players they would get more materials and a small command they could use.

As for the concerns of battle balancing, surely the “border” should be the claimed land of a player base, since else the patrol could be used as a big raiding party and the balance would be gone. Although, i do believe that the Maelstrom in Siptah would surely take care of that, but any other world boss outside would be overrun by the sheer amount of followers, so it only makes sense to add these features for the context of the player base.