Follower of Rinku

Where do i find the “Follower of Rinku”?
It goes on “Ascend Smith”
I searched on google but i could not find anything about it…

If you dont find it at the Wiki, it is probably a mod… So ask the mod-creators.

ok, thank u btw

Hey there,

This is part of the Ascendia mod and is an admin-only feature.

He does not appear. You spawn him
Follower of Rinku was designed for Admins to create an Shop/NPC that players could spend currency to buy him

– The_Ethos [author](1)

Mod authors can not always list all the details of their mod on the Workshop, so be sure to look around the Workshop’s Discussion section and ask on their discord or other social media if possible. They are usually listed in the workshop’s description.

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