Follower stuck on door frame in New Asgard

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Americas

So i took my follower to New Asgard to hunt for T4 crafters. cleared out the main gate and went into the first building on the right. Walked into the building and looted the chest. Turned around and noticed my follower wasn’t there then noticed she was at the door. Tried to walk past her and i couldn’t wtf. wide open space right next to her and apparently its not big enough for me to walk past her with. tried to tell her to move someplace else that caused her to spin around in the same spot to look in the direction i pointed. Crap shes stuck on the door frame. I try to move her but got the message “thralls not allowed here” and since i cant move past her i cant drop her outside the no thrall zone. then a npc fighter appears and starts attacking her i think alright shell move away from the door to attack. BZZZZZT wrong she instead spins around on the same spot attacking even when knocked to the ground by the npc she still gets back up and is in the exact same spot. Then the unthinkable happens the npc somehow gets past her and comes into the building with me ignoring my follower stuck on the door completly. So i think hey if she can get past her maybe i can BZZZZTT wrong again. and since she has a shield none of my attacks have any effect on her what so ever they just bounce off her. and now im trapped inside the door entrance with my follower on one side and the NPC on the other, and with no way out, no escape, and no way to defend myself. All i could do was exit the game in hopes when i log back in my follower will have returned home and ill be able to leave the building. hopefully my char wont be dead when i log back in i had alot of good gear.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Visit New Asgard with a follower and go into the first building on the right past the main entrance.

Break bonds but both thralls and npcs get stuck on door opening but just get her gear before you break them

Well now that we can order a follower to move … why not just command him to go where he wouldn’t block you ( before as ragnaguard pointed you had to use a katana when in stuck on small areas ( that were other people base or inside dungeons , cause let’s face it if you are in your base you could always place him as guardian somewhere else ) but now with the command to move , you just look at somewhere click and the thralls moves …

for instances where the thralls is stuck completely and won’t move at all , the only thing you can do is to get far enough so the thrall is teleported to you , and yes some npc encampements houses make the thrall stay at the door sometimes ( mostly 2 houses in new asagarth , and 1 at mounds of the dead can cause your thrall to glitch at the door . I tend to command my thrall inside before going myself as a workaround )

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