Follower thrall was killed and disappear in New Asagarth

Even if option of showing the follower on map it does not show his deathmarker
What i did was to wait untill the lootbags spawn in the area where i thaught he was killed an the lootbag showed up and saving all his weapons and armor.
Testlive EU2

Just to clarify this, the thrall was invisible on ground, i looked all over the area, but this is a bug on official liveservers also. Sometimes you can find him hoover pressing E on the ground in the area, sometimes you find the loot if you lucky, or else you have to wait untill the lootbags spawn after15-20 minutes or so.
no mods installed

This also happened to me i lost my horse lvl 20 and a T4 volcano fighter by going to the passage from the north to the jungle they dissapeared both of them and i just saw the message that they died while following me 5 minutes later. Take care!

Thank you for your report and feedback Fixi and Thriller, we’ll forward it to the developers for further consideration as at this time followers are not expected to show any death marker.


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